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Might as Well Talk About MTB Since we Can’t Ride MTB

Well,  the trails are still closed because of the massive amounts of rain we have had in June.  Precipitation amounts are reaching nearly 7 inches keeping us from opening the trails most of the month.  With all of this rain we will have trail work we need to get done before we can open them.

  • Rake Ruts
  • Dig Out Drainage Ditches
  • Create Additional Drainage Ditches As Needed
  • Take Care Of Any Fallen Foliage Such As Trees or Brush
  • Etc.

When you have a free moment take the time to read this opinion article from  It has some good information regarding riding in general and our responsibility to take care of this gift we get to use.

Want to know more about KCV Cycling and our efforts in the community including the Winona Lake Trails.  We have our monthly meeting tonight at Mad Anthony’s, Warsaw.  Meeting starts at 8pm.



UHG – The Rain – Tails Closed

June has been a horrible month for our trails we know.  With todays rain and more rain in the forecast we are closing the trails yet again.  Rode today to scope them out and see how they were.  The back side is a complete disaster with ruts and low areas filled with water.  If you rode Iceman last year it is comparable to that disastrous mess.

As we know more we will post as always,


Trail Update – OPEN!

WINONA LAKE TRAILS UPDATE: Let’s try this again… We appear to have some decent weather heading into the weekend, with less humidity today, and a gentle breeze, we’re drying out nicely from last night’s quick storm burst. The trails are OPEN, however, please note that we have some soft spots and lots of small sticks on the trail, with low lying vegetation we’re trying to get cleared up this weekend. So, when you’re out riding or running, watch for each other, and for the volunteers working hard to keep the trails maintained for all of us to enjoy. An appreciative “thank you” goes a long way. And a couple reminders; do us a favor, let us know if trees are down or you see damage, and please don’t make shortcuts/new paths out on the trails. Thanks!