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Trails Closed Due to Warming Weather.

dirtnotmudToday we are going to experience warmer weather, highs are to be close to 50 degrees.  We know everyone has a little cabin fever and would like to get out on the trails.  However, the trail will begin to thaw out today creating a muddy mess and trail damage if it is ridden.

Please refrain from riding on the trails today it really helps out the trail crews in the spring to not have to rake out ruts and repair any damage done by riders who ride on days like today.




TRAIL UPDATE: With colder temperatures and the ground frozen, the trails are OPEN to walkers, runners, and riders. With the rain, then snow, watch for slick spots. Stay warm and be careful out there.

PLEASE NOTE: With warmer temperatures forecast above freezing in a couple days, along with some rain, please remember to stay off the trails when the ground begins to thaw and the top layer of soil becomes wet. Especially during and right after any long periods of direct sunshine and above freezing temperatures or during and right after rain. This is when the ground is most susceptible to erosion causing damage. Remember to ride and run dirt trails, not mud trails.