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New & Improved Website

We are excited to launch our newly designed website.  We have migrated all our posts from the old side over here, but if you want to visit the old site you can, but we will not be updating it anymore, and it will eventually go away.

We have added several new features to help you get the most of the new site and utilizing our beloved trails.

  • Email Notifications:  On the lower right of the page there is a subscription button.  If you would like to receive updates each time we do a post, go ahead and sign up.  Not to worry we hate spam too, your information is safe with us.
  • Notification Ribbon:  This is not a new feature as we had it on our last site, however this ribbon is a bit more prominent.  This status bar will always be the correct status of our beloved trails.
    • Green: Open; This trail status means the trails are open for your enjoyment.
    • Red: Closed; When the status is Red, we have closed the trails because it is too wet to ride.
    • Yellow: Caution Trees Down; Indicates where trees may have fallen across the trail.  This status will be accompanied by a post indicating where the trees are.
    • Orange: Tread Lightly; Means that the trails are open, but we have some slick spots out there.
    • Purple: Race Day; The trails are closed for a registered race.  This will also accompany a post about the event.
    • Light Blue: Winter Riding; During the winter we will post this status, please be aware of the freeze thaw cycles.
  • Closed Trail Sections; upper right status:  From time to time we close specific sections of trail.  This is usually due to high water levels along the creek, or a fallen tree.  In time we will improve this function and the ability to know exactly where trails are closed.  There will also be a corresponding post with this notification.  On the trail you will see caution tape closing off the particular section.  Refer to our map to reference closed sections.
  • Winona Lake Trails Donation: It takes quite a bit of resources for KCV Cycling to maintain the trails.  Volunteer time, and money are two of the biggest resources we use.  If you are looking for a Tax Deduction please consider donating to the trails.  KCV Cycling is a 501 (c)(3) organization and your donations to us are tax deductible.

KCV Cycling is a 100% volunteer run organization, we do our best to keep this site up to date and realize we have had nearly 11,000 page views since we started this website almost 5 years ago.  We understand that this is your go to site for everything Winona Lake Trails.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.



Friends, due to Mother’s Nature’s lack of collaboration, including the conditions, and temperatures, we’re going to postpone our Trail Maintenance Day one week.

After a day that stayed in the low 30s as a high, and a low of 10 degrees tonight, and not hitting 32 until about 3:30pm tomorrow, we’re already starting to see sections of the trail hardening up, while other spots are still wet. With that said, we will be working twice as hard to get little return, so we are postponing until next Saturday, April 4.

We know that this is Warsaw’s spring break, so some folks may be out of town, and we totally understand if you can’t make it. At this point, we are still three weeks ahead of our first trail day compared to last year. Thanks for your patience and understanding – we’re trying!


The trails are still closed until further notice.




We’re excited to see that work is beginning on the new Greenway extension that will extend from the current Heritage Trail in Winona Lake, travel around the outside of the Chicago Boys Club Camp off-road trails, cross Kings Highway into Grace College’s Miller Field and then connect to campus. This new extension has been funded by a federal grant that was awarded a few years ago. The majority of the Greenway extension should be complete by August 2015 and will provide additional space for healthy recreation and transportation within our community.
To our off-road friends, please keep your eyes open as the work is being done this year. We will be working with the construction crews to save as many trees as possible. This will also mean that some sections of trail may be closed for short periods of time to ensure the safety of trail users.



Trail Update 3/24/2015: Trails Are Still Closed.

dirtnotmudWe’ve have had quite a few requests wondering if the trails are still closed?  The short answer is yes they are.  Why are they closed you may ask?  Each fall and spring we experience something called the freeze thaw cycle.  When the ground freezes and then melts it creates mud.  Our natural instinct is to ride around the mud thinking it will damage the trail.  It does damage the trail but not as much as riding around it.  Take a look at this post from our friends at Merrell Trail in Grand Rapids, MI.  It is a good explanation of what happens when the trails are muddy.

Believe us we have the cabin fever really bad too, and we want to go ride, but we have to respect what the trail does in the spring so we can all enjoy it this summer.

We know spring is right around the corner, but old man winter just does not want to give up!  We know you are looking to get out and shake off the winter cobwebs from the legs, breath some warmer fresh air and hit the trails.

PLEASE bear with us this spring as we continue to keep the trails closed until the water has drained.  When we do open them you can be sure we will post it here and on our Twitter account.  When we do open the trails we anticipate that some of our trouble sections are going to be closed.  You can find that status in the upper right hand side of the site under the header CLOSED TRAIL SECTIONS.  If we have this marked off with caution tape please don’t ride that section.

Our Friends over at HMBA have a nice piece about why we need to let the trails dry out this spring.  You can read more about it here.
Be on the look out too for our first spring maintenance day.  We may have a few trees to clear and other miscellaneous items to take care of in preparation for Fat and Skinny Tire Fest 12.  If you have any questions at all please let us know by email.