Winona Lake Trail Maintenance Needed – This week and Saturday, August 14th, 10am.

As many of you know, the trails have taken a serious punch this year, so we’ll need as much help as possible to get them back into shape for our final summer and fall events like the Poverty Cycle Challenge, 12 Hours of Winona and the Poker Run. So, please join us throughout the week and weekend in giving the Winona Lake trails a much needed re-trim. Pitch in by getting some friends together and adopting a mile of trail to weedeat and trim low branches.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Cut back the weeds no more than 1 foot on either side of the trail. This allows room for passing without widening the trail more than it needs to be.
  • Do not cut out roots, remove rocks or open shortcuts. We want to protect from erosion and further trail changes if at all possible.
  • Clear low lying branches and sticks if possible.
  • Any trees that need to be removed or sections that look like they need more work, please pass that information back to the club, so we can schedule additional maintenance.

Let us know if you’re able to go out and take care of a specific mile. We’ll finish any mileage remaining this weekend. Once the trimming is done, we’ll then be able to assess the structural work that needs to be taken care of.

We appreciate your service and efforts in helping us keep the Winona Lake Trails one of the best trail systems in the midwest!