DINO MTB Race Update

If you are planning on participating in the DINO Mountain Bike race this Saturday, you know that either side of the course could be run backwards.  This year the course will go counterclockwise (“front” side reverse, “back” side normal)

Front Side: South of Cherry Creek
Back Side: North of Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek runs through our trails and the only crossing point is the main bridge you can check it out on our map.

We understand that to get a feel for how the front side rides you need to pre-ride the course.  Please DO NOT do this prior to Friday.  The course will be marked late Thursday night and this will give you enough time to check it out.

On Thursday night the trail status will change from Green to Purple indicating that the trails are open to registered riders only.  DINO is a fun event, and gives you the opportunity to ride our hometown course a little differently.  You may register HERE for the race.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.