Weekend Vandalism Creates More Work for KCV & Threatens Winona Lake Trails

fountaindamageHey friends, we hope you enjoy being on the trails, and out in the woods as much as we do. Our trails are truly a blessing and a treasure to our community. Unfortunately, we have to write this article because a few bad apples decided to cause some damage on the trails over the weekend; turning over the portable bathroom, tearing apart the water fountain, moving and stealing cones, breaking into one of the storage sheds, and tearing up road markers along the event entrance road.
Hence, the reason we have a request for everyone that enjoys the trails like us. Please read these reminders, teach them to your kids, and share them with your friends…

  • The Winona Lake Off-road Trails are on private property, thus, the privilege to use them can be taken away at any time.
  • The trails should be used only when dry and in good condition – rely on the trail status bar at the top of the website (winonalaketrails.com)
  • The rules of the trail are managed and provided by KCV Cycling and their team of trained volunteers.
  • The responsibility for maintenance rests upon the public to keep them clean, and in proper order – volunteer opportunities are always available to work on one of the maintenance teams.
  • All maintenance volunteers/teams will be provided with appropriate training.
  • All users have basic rules and responsibilities to abide by:
    • Mountain bikers must wear helmets and follow green and black arrows.
    • Runners and walkers must go the opposite direction so users of differing speeds can see each other coming.
    • Runners and walkers should not use black sections due to the touchy nature of the trail conditions, and the dangerous position multiple users could find themselves in.
    • Due to sharp corners and blind corners, mountain bikers have the right of way – it is easier for walkers to step off the trails to allow riders by. Riders should politely announce their oncoming.
    • Absolutely no wheelchairs or strollers should be on the off-road trails.
    • People wanting to take personal family or wedding photos, senior pictures, etc. should contact KCV Cycling for guidelines and recommendations before stopping on the trails for photos. This puts other users in a dangerous situation.
    • Do not litter. Carry out your trash. (Leave no Trace)
    • No open fires allowed. No camping without prior approval.
    • All dogs should remain on a leash – and dog waste should be cleaned up.
    • Limit the use of headphones and earbuds – all trail users should retain the ability to hear others speaking to them.
    • Be aware of everyone around you at all times.
    • If you see people breaking the rules, or creating dangerous conditions, we all have the responsibility to say something, and report the situation.
    • Do what you can to help – clean up trash and pick up small sticks on the trails.
    • Report any trail damage you’re not able to fix through the website (including larger down trees, limbs, erosion, trail feature damage, vandalism, etc.)

For so many of you that abide by the rules, help out on the trails, and spread the word for us – we truly thank you and appreciate your assistance! Together we can help prevent vandalism, trail damage, and dangerous conditions – which all can lead to the trails being shut down. We’re sure no one that enjoys the trails wants to see that happen. Please help us keep the trails open, and in great shape, maintaining the great reputation our trail system has to this day.

Additionally, would you please consider making a tax-deductible donation at least once per year.  You can use the Donate button on the right side of this page.  All expenses to keep the trails maintained and open is reliant upon public donations and KCV fundraisers.