Due to the 10 Day Forecast and the Freeze/Thaw Cycle now in swing, we’re going to open the trails. Please use them earlier in the morning and later in the day when they are still solid. Using the trails when the sun is out or the temperatures creep above freezing can damage the top layer of soil, causing erosion and future drainage issues that require several hours of volunteer work. As riders and runners ourselves, we would prefer to be using the trails or taking care of larger projects, rather than repairing sections due to misuse and a lack of courtesy. Remember, this is private property, and it’s a privilege to be able to use them. That privilege can be revoked due to damage, misuse, and disregard for following the trail status. Please don’t be the persons that ruin this for everyone else.

Below, you’ll find some photos we took of sections that show the transition the trails will go through during the freeze/thaw cycle and the damage that continued use will create. So, help us keep the trails open for all users for many years to come by following the rules, pitching in, and spreading the word. Thanks for your caring and consideration!

— Winona Trail Force & Maintain A Mile volunteers