With a refreeze of the ground, winter conditions, and a lack of rain in the forecast, we’re opening the trails. Please remember, regardless of what the website or social media pages say (sometimes it takes us a bit to check the conditions and get back to a computer – and despite popular belief, we’re not on the trails 24/7), use common sense when on the trails…

  • If they are frozen hard, they’re usable (open)
  • If they are tacky, with minimal movement and disruption of soil, they are usable (open)
  • If they are soft or “shifting” – leaving visible shoe or tire treads beyond a .25 inch, they are not usable (closed)

With that said, go out and enjoy the trails! Be cautious with the high winds we had the other day, and watch for downed trees, limbs, and sticks on the trail – move what you can, and report what you can’t. As the seasons start to change, and we get closer to the end of February/early March, stay tuned for announcements on trail work days. Spring is a vital time to get the trails cleared, cleaned up, and ready for the busy summer months. We will have several projects we can use assistance on.

As always, thanks for your patience and respect! Spread the word.