With the below freezing temps, we’re opening the trails. As the temperatures start to rise above freezing over the next couple days, and thawing starts to take place, please be mindful of conditions, and leave the trails if they become too soft. Remember, despite what the website and social media pages say about trail conditions (it may take us a few hours to catch up to conditions and update the pages), be a good steward and be courteous based on the conditions – that is a common sense decision. 

In our assessment of conditions last night and this morning, we’ve discovered several spots with visible foot ruts throughout the trails where people ran when the trails were closed or too soft. We now have over fifty (we stopped counting at that point) 3-4″ deep foot ruts right down the center line of the trail tread that will have to be repaired when the ground fully thaws.

Let’s protect the trails, it takes all of us playing our part. Management and maintenance is all done by volunteers – and they want to spend their time using the trails as well, not just fixing ruts.

Thank you to everyone that helps share a post, reminds people of proper use, and especially to our volunteers who keep our trails in tip-top-shape. Enjoy the outdoors – responsibly!