Hey friends, we’re so excited to report that we’re opening the trails for the next few days. The slow warm up, steady breeze, and dry conditions this week allowed us to thaw much better than expected. With that said, there are still some soft spots – especially in our newer trail sections and rerouted areas where there has been less compaction over the years. So, when you get to the soft stuff, please do NOT ride or walk around those – go through them, to prevent widening the trail.

Second, with the weather expected to be wonderful, we’re predicting large crowds over the weekend. Therefore, here’s a couple┬áreminders regarding trail usage rules and best practices…

  1. The trails are directional to prevent collisions – meaning riders follow the green & black arrows, while hikers and runners travel against bike traffic, so we can see each other. When coming upon another user, announce yourself politely. Riders are going faster, thus have the right of way. Hikers and runners are more nimble and can step off the trail quicker. And especially on busy weekends, please limit audio usage – you need to be able to hear other users around you.
  2. Protect the trails – clean up trash, move sticks, report trees down or trail damage (through the website) and be courteous to other users.
  3. Watch for trail crews that may be working this weekend to get a head start on clean up, and maintenance. Slow down for them, and an intentional thank you goes a long way to encourage the many volunteers that give hours and hours of their time to keep our trails in stellar shape.

Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful trails we’ve been blessed with.