With the severe rutting that took place later yesterday, combined with the overnight freeze, and the rapid thawing during the day – we are CLOSING the trails until conditions improve.

This is the harshest affect of the FREEZE/THAW cycle we’ve seen thus far this year. Since these conditions are expected to continue through the week, with rain added in, we really need your help in protecting the trails and doing what we can to keep them in good shape.

As a reminder, please remember to stay off the trails if the dirt path is not frozen or dry. Rutting by both foot and bike traffic causes damage to the center of the trail, leading to puddling and eventually erosion. Even with hours of work and rebuilding, in some cases, the damage is irreparable.

We will continue to monitor trail conditions and open them when they are ready. As always, please spread the word, and if you see folks using the trails (not those working on them:) when they are closed, please help us out and kindly let them know, and please pass on the website and Facebook page so they are aware that the trail status is posted.

Thanks for your respect and patience!

Stay tuned for some future work days, as we will need some assistance in getting all the ruts repaired over the next couple weeks before the spring thaw sets in.