Good news friends, we’re opening the trails for the weekend. Conditions have improved tremendously in the last 24 hours, and thus we’re able to open them up.

Please be aware of a few things; we still have some soft and greasy spots – do not ride around those spots and widen the trail, as it is easier to fix the ruts, than narrow a widened trail. There are lots of small sticks and limb debris on the trails due to the heavy winds earlier this week – please pitch in and move any larger sticks off the trail for other users. And last, but not least, please note that there are a couple trees down we’re aware of and will be getting as soon as possible – if there are others down, please report it on the website or Facebook page with a photo and/or at least a description of the area/nearest mile marker.

Thanks for your patience and respect. Get out and enjoy them the next few days before the rain returns next week.