After some heavy rains this weekend, we’ve dried out enough to open the trails. There are some soft spots and a few puddles still out there – do NOT go around them and widen the trail, go through them, and we will repair the ruts.

Also, as the vegetation grows in thicker, please remember to watch for other users (keep your earbud volume low enough to hear other people), and also watch for low-lying branches, help us clear sticks and such from the trail path, and report any down trees.

And with some pop-up showers expected this week, remember to exit the trail or don’t even start onto them, if it’s raining. We will continue to monitor the trail conditions regularly throughout the summer, but exercise caution and common sense before heading out on the trails – if they are consistently wet, or if it’s raining, don’t use the trails, regardless of what the website status says, as our volunteers may not have returned from their assessments to update the website.