We’re excited to report that with over 24 hours of dry weather, the trails have dried out enough for us to OPEN them. There are still some soft/wet spots. Remember to walk/ride through them – never widen the trail by going off trail to get around those spots. ¬†And be on the lookout for the summer sands that start to appear after rain storms – we have some turns and bottom of hills that the sand is starting to appear, along with rain ruts. Also, we cleared out some brush and trees that came down in the recent storms, if there are other areas with down trees, limbs, please report back to us with the location.

Additionally, as the summer weather gets closer and we have to close and open frequently, please remember that regardless of what the website and Facebook status’ say, the trails are closed during rain storms and right after, until we can assess the conditions. If you’re on the trail when rains come, for your safety and the health of the trail, please exit immediately. And finally, please remember that the trail status pertains to the off-road trails, not the Lake City/Heritage Trail Greenway. 99% of the time, the greenway is open. The Winona Lake Trails status is specifically for the off-road trails, and is for both mountain bikers and hikers. A wet trail can be damaged just as much, and in some instances more, by foot than by tires.

As always, thanks for your patience and assistance in keeping our trails in great shape!