Although we’ve had rain every day for the past few days, the sun has come out and we’ve remained dry long enough for the trails to drain and dry out. Therefore, we are OPEN. Still a few slick and softs spots (especially in Wagoner’s section) that we would ask people to walk/ride through NOT around (don’t widen the trail), along with a handful of trees that are down. We’ll be trying to get out the next couple days to rake ruts and clear out the trees. If possible, please go over the trees and not around them to prevent trampling/killing vegetation and widening the trail.

With more spotty rain in the forecast the next few days, please remember to give the trails time to dry before riding. Also, if it begins raining while you’re on the trails, please make your way off the trails as soon as possible to prevent damaging the trails as they soften.

Thanks for your patience! Enjoy the woods and have a great holiday weekend/week.