TRAILS OPEN (With Restrictions)

Amazing what cooler temperatures and less humidity can do for the trails. We’re pleased to report the Winona Lake Trails are now OPEN, with some restrictions. Please note that Wagoners’s Section along the ¬†east side of the creek is closed due to some really wet conditions and standing water still hanging around. The section is taped closed – please do not tear it down – the longer that section has to dry without people leaving holes and ruts, the better shape it will be.

Be aware there are some slick spots still out there, a tree down before Deadman’s Curve (which we will clear out this weekend) along with a lot of little sticks on the trail. To our walking friends, give us a hand, and help pick them up off the trail.

REMINDER: NEXT Saturday, July 22 will be a Trail Work Day at 9am. If you’d like to learn the basics of trail maintenance or want to come help out, please meet us at the small brown KCV barn along the greenway, behind the house in the trails.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and respect of the trails during these past storms!