Friends, as much as we’d like to open the trails, they will remain closed for another day. Although we have good drying in some areas, we have many more that still have standing water, as well as several precarious trees we need to get cleaned up. We’re all volunteers, so our time is limited, but we’ve got folks out every day working on drainage, raking out puddles and ruts, and cutting out down trees. Additionally, we received more rain yesterday and the high humidity is not allowing for complete drying.

Unfortunately, we have people that have gone out anyways and torn the tape down that we had up closing the trails and causing more damage to them that will have to be fixed. Shame on you for your selfishness and lack of respect. We all should be in this together – maybe you could contact us and offer your time to help fix the trails NOT damage them.

Please spread the word, please let folks know how important it is to let the trails dry to prevent more damage and erosion, and if you’re available to help, we’re always looking for more volunteers to train and help keep the trails in great shape. Always check the status bar at the top of the website or look for our latest post on Facebook and Twitter before heading out on the trails. Thanks for your patience and concern!