Due to the steady rain and high water levels, we’ve had to CLOSE the off-road trails until further notice. We will continue to monitor conditions in hopes that we can open again when dryer weather returns and the trails have drained sufficiently.

As the temperatures get colder, and we close in on regular below-freezing temperatures, we will begin to experience the annual “Freeze-Thaw Cycle,” in which it takes much longer for the trails to either fully freeze over or sufficiently dry out. Keep this in mind as conditions change frequently and we may not be able to fully keep up with the trail status – therefore it is always wise to refer to the basic adage of “ride/run only when dry.” If you are sliding all over the place and leaving ruts or imprints all over the surface of the trail, please exit the trail and stick to gravel or asphalt surfaces.

Please spread the word, and thanks for your patience!