Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’re glad to report that the trails are OPEN for the weekend. We’ve got some soft spots and some slick areas, but overall, we’re in great shape despite the rain the last few days. Please know that we have some trees down on the east/back half of the trails that we will be trying to get to over the next few days, and a bridge that needs to be repaired in the black section after the “Skyway” on the west/front half of the trails.

NOTE: Our friends at Green Earth Multisport will be hosting their 5k and 10k Trail Run on Thanksgiving morning at 8am. Please watch for runners on the trail, and do not remove any tape or signs. With that said, the trails will remain open, and they will only be utilizing the west/front half of the trails.

The weather looks to be cooperating and staying dry through the weekend. The temperatures will fluctuate and we may go through some freeze/thaw cycles which might make the trails slick or greasy in some spots more than others, especially those facing the sun, with no shade. Again, enjoy the trails and thanks for your patience!