As temperatures rebound above freezing on Saturday with rain in the forecast for Sunday, we’re expecting significant melting to occur and our trail status to change. Please check back on the website or on social media (Facebook/Twitter) frequently, as we may have to close mid-afternoon Saturday due to exposed and wet conditions on the trail.
We will continue to monitor conditions, but expect the off-road trails to be closed for at least a few days, if not all of next week, as a few days of rain are predicted and temperatures appear to stay above freezing through the week and into next weekend, thus continuing to change trail conditions.
As a friendly reminder, the off-road trails are open only when conditions are dry, tacky, or frozen. If you’re leaving ruts that are beyond surface level tracks, then please exit the trails as soon as possible and stick to the Greenways, sidewalks, or roads. This is for all users – walkers, runners, and riders.
Please spread the word and help us keep the trails in great condition. This time of year can be the hardest on the trails as they progress through multiple freeze-thaw cycles per season, especially with on-the-fence above and below temperatures like we’re getting this weekend and next. As always, thanks for your care and patience!