Due to the expected rainy and melting conditions, we’ve had to CLOSE the off-road trails for the near future.

With temperatures expected to stay above freezing most of the week and into next weekend, please expect that the trails may be closed for a lengthier time, due to the moisture in the ground and hovering above and below the freezing mark, thus causing multiple freeze-thaw cycles to take place.

We will continue to monitor conditions and when the trials have drained and dried enough, we will open them as soon as possible. Until then, as always, stick to the greenways and roads, and thanks for your patience! Please spread the word.

And speaking of greenways, if you enjoy the trails we have and want to help our community, come by the Warsaw City Council chambers on Monday, January 22, 5pm for a public workshop on the Market Street trail and Cycle Track proposal to finish the east/west greenway corridor. This project would complete the connection between the Lake City Greenway segments out near CCAC and Boggs with the Winona Lake Heritage Trail and Market Street Trail into downtown Warsaw with a pedestrian and bicycle friendly throughway, giving people the opportunity to travel safely into and through downtown for work or pleasure via foot and bike. Your encouragement, ideas, and support are needed for this project to get off the ground.

Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake is a community initiative focused on bettering our cities with active transportation projects that allow people to not just drive, but also walk and bike to key locations throughout the community. These initiatives have been shown to provide health, social, and economic benefits to the community and it’s visitors.