As the temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing, we were able to begin thawing and drying more over the weekend, but then we got light rain and colder temperatures. The good news, the ground has started to freeze again, thus allowing us to OPEN the off-road trails. The bad news, it may not last long, with rain in the forecast again for Wednesday.

So, for now, the trails are OPEN, but we ask all users to watch for changing conditions. Again, as we are in the midst of winter’s heavy and often freeze-thaw cycles, we can see days where we’re frozen in the morning and with a little sunshine and temperatures even near 32, we can begin to thaw out and cause soft, soupy conditions during the mid-day hours.

Please remember that regardless of the trail status on the website and social media, because conditions can change so quickly, we are asking all trail users to be conscious of and responsible for the conditions of the trails. If conditions have changed and you’re leaving more than light surface marks, please exit the trail and stick to the Greenway.

Sustainable maintenance and care is the responsibility of all trail users, not just the volunteers that work on the trails. Thanks for your patience and for your care of our local trails.