Trail Etiquette

The KCV Cycling Club Trail Committee and Maintain A Mile volunteers would like to remind everyone of the importance of being safe when you are riding or running the trails, as well as a few key rules to remember…

  • Always check the Status Ticker on the front page of the website for current trail conditions. We also try to be responsive as quick as possible in posting trail status updates on social media as well. However, the first location and correct status can always be found on the website.
  • Please do not ride/hike/run during and after rain storms to allow the trails to dry out properly. If you are caught in a storm, please exit the trail as soon as possible to avoid causing damage to the trail tread.
  • Be aware that in late fall, winter, and early spring the trails may remain closed more frequently due to freeze/thaw cycles and soft trail conditions. In these instances, riders/hikers/runners must stick to the paved Lake City Greenway.
  • Only ride/hike/run when the trails are OPEN. And be aware of any events taking place which might close the trails for a certain time period. Event updates can be found on the website.
  • All mountain bikers must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Stay on designated trails – do not create shortcuts.
  • Don’t disturb wildlife or vegetation – please respect the health of the woods and the property the trails are located on.
  • Ride at your ability level – some sections are harder than others. Be prepared to “scope out” a section by foot before riding it.
  • Make sure you can hear other trail users (keep headphone/earbud levels low).
  • Know your trail markings – if lost, find the creek and follow it to Winona Lake Park or look for Pierceton Road to the east of the trail system. You can also contact the local fire department or KCV Cycling Club for assistance (574.253.3971).
  • Watch for trail volunteers working throughout the season. Give them space to work, announce you are approaching, be prepared to stop to make your way around them, and be patient with them if a section is temporarily closed. They are the lifeblood of any trail system and the reason you are able to enjoy the trails – tell them “thank you” for the work they are doing.
  • Please report any damage (fallen trees, vandalism, etc.) on the Contact Us form.

Mountain bikers follow the GREEN and BLACK arrows while walkers, hikers, and trail runners follow the YELLOW arrows and go against bike traffic, so each trail user can be seen. Right of way is given to mountain bikers, as it is quicker and safer for hikers/runners to step off the trail. Please note that due to the nature of the terrain and the sustainability of the trail, that some black sections may not be open for hikers/runners. Follow trail markings and signage for guidance.