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After some heavy rains this weekend, we’ve dried out enough to open the trails. There are some soft spots and a few puddles still out there – do NOT go around them and widen the trail, go through them, and we will repair the ruts.

Also, as the vegetation grows in thicker, please remember to watch for other users (keep your earbud volume low enough to hear other people), and also watch for low-lying branches, help us clear sticks and such from the trail path, and report any down trees.

And with some pop-up showers expected this week, remember to exit the trail or don’t even start onto them, if it’s raining. We will continue to monitor the trail conditions regularly throughout the summer, but exercise caution and common sense before heading out on the trails – if they are consistently wet, or if it’s raining, don’t use the trails, regardless of what the website status says, as our volunteers may not have returned from their assessments to update the website.

TRAIL STATUS for Fat & Skinny Weekend

As the trail maintenance teams wrap up projects in prepping the trails and the racers begin to arrive in town, we wanted to provide an update on the trail status for Fat & Skinny Tire Fest weekend…


  • Trail Crews finishing work on the trails – use with caution and watch for others.
  • Additionally, the course direction has been determined (front half will run backwards for the DINO race). With that said, we have riders practicing, and others just using the trails, therefore for the next couple days, the front half of the trail runs both directions. Please be sure to look out for each other and be aware and courteous of all trail users.


  • Course will begin to be marked for the race. The trails will still be open to all users, but please do not tear down course tape or signs. If you do on accident, please try to put it back up. If you do intentionally, and we catch you, we will prosecute as much as we can! Don’t be a jerk!


  • Trails are open ONLY for registered racers. Spectators may walk around the course, but be aware of racers coming at all times and do not impede their progress. Please NO strollers on the trails EVER! If you have a stroller, stick to watching along the Greenway.
  • Trails will open to the general public for normal riding, etc. at approximately 3pm on Saturday afternoon.


And just like that, with some sunshine and a nice breeze, the trails have dried out well enough to open back up. There are a few slick spots in some low areas, but overall, they are very good, despite the amount of rain we received. Thanks to everyone that waited patiently and helped spread the word. It makes our jobs as volunteers that much better when we know we can keep working on improving the trails, not just repairing them.

With Fat & Skinny Tire Fest quickly approaching, please watch for volunteers out working on the trails – and, while you’re out there, say “thank you,” keep an eye out for problem areas that might need fixed, and help pick up sticks and trash. It goes a long way to keeping the trails in great shape.

Get out there and enjoy them! Thanks for spreading the word!


Due to heavy rains and wet conditions, the off-road trails are closed. Please give them the day to dry off properly. We will monitor conditions and hope to open them back up soon.

Thanks for your patience. Please help spread the word.


With the dryer weather and some solid sunshine this morning, we’re happy to report the trails are now open. There are still a few soft/slick spots, but overall they have dried out nicely, and in great shape.

Because there is a lot of blooming, and greenery is starting to fill in, watch for other trail users, and remember to use the trails in the appropriate direction. Riders follow the green and black arrows, while walkers and runners should go the opposite direction.

Also, please be sure to report any trees down through the website, or via our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience! Enjoy the trails – they are really greening up.


Due to extremely wet conditions, heavy rains, and continuing storms expected the off-road trails are closed until further notice. We will continue to monitor conditions throughout the week, and open them when they are dry enough for use. As always, thanks for your patience, and helping us spread the word.

Earth Day: Trail Work Day

What better day than Earth Day (Saturday, April 22, 2017) to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and clean up our trails in preparation for heavier spring use, and of course, Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in 1 month…

We will hit the trails to open drainage, remove sticks and limbs from the trail, clean up trash, rebuild some berms, and more.

No experience necessary – just a volunteering heart, and a desire to keep our trails in great shape for our community and visitors. Please bring gloves, hand trimmers, rakes, shovels and buckets. We will split into groups and walk the entire trail fixing low corners and drainage, as well as picking up trash. Then, we’ll get some new signage put in place and rebuild a couple berms.

For those out using the trail, please watch for volunteers on the trail, maybe tell them “thank you” for sacrificing their time, and pass carefully – we want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe experience on the trails.

Wanting to volunteer, meet at the brown KCV maintenance barn, along the greenway, near the end of Boy’s City Drive at 10am. We’ll also provide snacks and drinks. Spread the word!

You can RSVP through our Facebook Event. Or email KCV with questions.


Well, that was short lived… Sorry! Due to the heavy rains last night and the steady showers through the day, we’ve had to CLOSE the trails. As a reminder, regardless of what the website says, please do not use the off-road trails when it is raining.

We will continue to check conditions through the week, but it looks like the April showers may be approaching, and it could be wet for a while, therefore this might be a great time to prepare for a lot of Greenway runs/rides or getting out on the roads.

Thanks for your respect of the trails, and as always, for helping us spread the word.


We’re glad to report that the trails have dried out enough for us to open them for at least a couple days, until the rains come back. So for now, get out there and enjoy! Please keep your eyes peeled for trash and small limbs that can be cleared. And report back any major erosion issues or trees down. Thanks for your patience, and as always, for helping us spread the word.

TRAIL STATUS UPDATE: OPEN (with precautions)

Thanks to the warmer temperatures and high winds, we’ve dried out nicely and therefore are opening the trails.

On that note, this is our forewarning: PLEASE USE TRAILS (and the Greenway, for that matter) AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WITH CAUTION TODAY DUE TO HIGH WINDS. Please report or post any photos and locations of trees down.


Good news friends, we’re opening the trails for the weekend. Conditions have improved tremendously in the last 24 hours, and thus we’re able to open them up.

Please be aware of a few things; we still have some soft and greasy spots – do not ride around those spots and widen the trail, as it is easier to fix the ruts, than narrow a widened trail. There are lots of small sticks and limb debris on the trails due to the heavy winds earlier this week – please pitch in and move any larger sticks off the trail for other users. And last, but not least, please note that there are a couple trees down we’re aware of and will be getting as soon as possible – if there are others down, please report it on the website or Facebook page with a photo and/or at least a description of the area/nearest mile marker.

Thanks for your patience and respect. Get out and enjoy them the next few days before the rain returns next week.


Due to significant rainfall, rapidly cooling temperatures, and very soft conditions we are closing the trails.

As always, thanks for your patience and assistance in helping spread the word. We will continue to check conditions throughout the day and weekend and will open them as soon as they are in better condition.


Hey friends, we’re so excited to report that we’re opening the trails for the next few days. The slow warm up, steady breeze, and dry conditions this week allowed us to thaw much better than expected. With that said, there are still some soft spots – especially in our newer trail sections and rerouted areas where there has been less compaction over the years. So, when you get to the soft stuff, please do NOT ride or walk around those – go through them, to prevent widening the trail.

Second, with the weather expected to be wonderful, we’re predicting large crowds over the weekend. Therefore, here’s a couple reminders regarding trail usage rules and best practices…

  1. The trails are directional to prevent collisions – meaning riders follow the green & black arrows, while hikers and runners travel against bike traffic, so we can see each other. When coming upon another user, announce yourself politely. Riders are going faster, thus have the right of way. Hikers and runners are more nimble and can step off the trail quicker. And especially on busy weekends, please limit audio usage – you need to be able to hear other users around you.
  2. Protect the trails – clean up trash, move sticks, report trees down or trail damage (through the website) and be courteous to other users.
  3. Watch for trail crews that may be working this weekend to get a head start on clean up, and maintenance. Slow down for them, and an intentional thank you goes a long way to encourage the many volunteers that give hours and hours of their time to keep our trails in stellar shape.

Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful trails we’ve been blessed with.



With the severe rutting that took place later yesterday, combined with the overnight freeze, and the rapid thawing during the day – we are CLOSING the trails until conditions improve.

This is the harshest affect of the FREEZE/THAW cycle we’ve seen thus far this year. Since these conditions are expected to continue through the week, with rain added in, we really need your help in protecting the trails and doing what we can to keep them in good shape.

As a reminder, please remember to stay off the trails if the dirt path is not frozen or dry. Rutting by both foot and bike traffic causes damage to the center of the trail, leading to puddling and eventually erosion. Even with hours of work and rebuilding, in some cases, the damage is irreparable.

We will continue to monitor trail conditions and open them when they are ready. As always, please spread the word, and if you see folks using the trails (not those working on them:) when they are closed, please help us out and kindly let them know, and please pass on the website and Facebook page so they are aware that the trail status is posted.

Thanks for your respect and patience!

Stay tuned for some future work days, as we will need some assistance in getting all the ruts repaired over the next couple weeks before the spring thaw sets in.