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With a refreeze of the ground, winter conditions, and a lack of rain in the forecast, we’re opening the trails. Please remember, regardless of what the website or social media pages say (sometimes it takes us a bit to check the conditions and get back to a computer – and despite popular belief, we’re not on the trails 24/7), use common sense when on the trails…

  • If they are frozen hard, they’re usable (open)
  • If they are tacky, with minimal movement and disruption of soil, they are usable (open)
  • If they are soft or “shifting” – leaving visible shoe or tire treads beyond a .25 inch, they are not usable (closed)

With that said, go out and enjoy the trails! Be cautious with the high winds we had the other day, and watch for downed trees, limbs, and sticks on the trail – move what you can, and report what you can’t. As the seasons start to change, and we get closer to the end of February/early March, stay tuned for announcements on trail work days. Spring is a vital time to get the trails cleared, cleaned up, and ready for the busy summer months. We will have several projects we can use assistance on.

As always, thanks for your patience and respect! Spread the word.


Due to the rain, more coming, and thawing conditions the trails are now closed. Please spread the word.

We will continue to assess conditions, but with expected rain off-and-on this week, as well as temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing, we will probably be closed for a good portion of the week. Stay tuned. And as always, thanks for sharing, and respecting trail conditions.


With the below freezing temps, we’re opening the trails. As the temperatures start to rise above freezing over the next couple days, and thawing starts to take place, please be mindful of conditions, and leave the trails if they become too soft. Remember, despite what the website and social media pages say about trail conditions (it may take us a few hours to catch up to conditions and update the pages), be a good steward and be courteous based on the conditions – that is a common sense decision. 

In our assessment of conditions last night and this morning, we’ve discovered several spots with visible foot ruts throughout the trails where people ran when the trails were closed or too soft. We now have over fifty (we stopped counting at that point) 3-4″ deep foot ruts right down the center line of the trail tread that will have to be repaired when the ground fully thaws.

Let’s protect the trails, it takes all of us playing our part. Management and maintenance is all done by volunteers – and they want to spend their time using the trails as well, not just fixing ruts.

Thank you to everyone that helps share a post, reminds people of proper use, and especially to our volunteers who keep our trails in tip-top-shape. Enjoy the outdoors – responsibly!


Due to the 10 Day Forecast and the Freeze/Thaw Cycle now in swing, we’re going to open the trails. Please use them earlier in the morning and later in the day when they are still solid. Using the trails when the sun is out or the temperatures creep above freezing can damage the top layer of soil, causing erosion and future drainage issues that require several hours of volunteer work. As riders and runners ourselves, we would prefer to be using the trails or taking care of larger projects, rather than repairing sections due to misuse and a lack of courtesy. Remember, this is private property, and it’s a privilege to be able to use them. That privilege can be revoked due to damage, misuse, and disregard for following the trail status. Please don’t be the persons that ruin this for everyone else.

Below, you’ll find some photos we took of sections that show the transition the trails will go through during the freeze/thaw cycle and the damage that continued use will create. So, help us keep the trails open for all users for many years to come by following the rules, pitching in, and spreading the word. Thanks for your caring and consideration!

— Winona Trail Force & Maintain A Mile volunteers


img_3535Due to increasingly wet conditions from the snow, and unfrozen ground, the trails are becoming very sloppy and rutted. Thus, we are closing the trails until they dry out or the ground freezes. Please spread the word, and thanks for your patience. We’ll open them back up as soon as it’s best for the health of the trails.


With the steady rains and increasing winds, the trails are closed and will remain so on Tuesday, November 29 to allow for proper drying, and evaluation of wind damage. We will reassess on Wednesday in hopes the trails are dry and we can get them cleared as well. As always, thanks for your patience and helping us spread the word.


We’re happy to report the trails are open again. Know that some spots might still be soft where the leaves are no longer providing coverage. Please do not go around soft spots and widen the trail. Also, watch for any downed trees from recent wind and storms. Enjoy the trails and get outside while the temperatures are still moderate. Thanks for your patience and respect!


Woo Hoo! We’re officially opening the trails, however, please note that due to the storms, there is some brush and trees down, and there may be some slick spots still lingering until the sun finally comes out. Use caution, and watch for other users. Thanks for your patience and respect of the trails.

Enjoy the weather this week, and get outside!


Due to recent rain and continued rain in the forecast, we’ve CLOSED the trails to help protect them. We will continue to monitor conditions and hope to open them again this weekend – weather permitting.

Thanks for your patience, and as always, please spread the word.


PLEASE NOTE: The Winona Lake Off road Trails will be hosting the annual Hash Ride & Run TODAY – Saturday, September 24, 2016. The trails will still remain open to the public, but we request that you not tear any tape down that has been set up for the course on the front half of the trails. The trails will be taped off, starting at 2pm, with riders and runners using the trails from 5-6pm.

Join us at the Cerulean Garden at 4:30pm (registration and opening comments) with the ride starting at 5pm. Runners and riders will have one hour to complete as many laps of the approximately 5k course as they’d like, returning to the Garden after each lap to receive a complementary beer. Both off-road and on-road loops available.

The evening concludes with great food and live music by DJ Chuck Fry, with Dos Hermanos at 7pm, Space Ships at 8pm, and James and the Drifters at 9pm.

All proceeds benefit the Winona Lake Trails and the community’s Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake initiatives.



Due to the steady rain yesterday, last night, through this morning, and still taking place, the trails are officially CLOSED for today, Saturday, September 17. The Crossfit Haymaker event will still take place, however not on the off-road trails, but only on the Greenway. As always, please spread the word, and thanks for your patience.

Our hope is that conditions will improve and dryer weather will roll in later this afternoon. With that said, the goal is still to host the final KCV Mountain Bike Time Trial on Sunday, September 18 at 1pm and also the Giant Bicycles Demo Day on Tuesday, September 20, 2-7pm.

Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your patience and respect for the trails.


Thanks to limited traffic, some sunshine, and a nice breeze on Thursday, the trails dried out well, and thus we’re opening them up. So get out and enjoy them. IMG_6730

The greenery is really coming in, so remember that hikers/walkers/runners travel in opposite direction of mountain bikers (whom follow the green and black arrows). Always use proper trail etiquette, be courteous and announce yourself, so the other trail users know you are there – especially in blind corners.

Please note that with the ever changing spring weather and conditions, remember that the off-road trails are closed no matter what the website posts and signs say when it is raining. If a storm rolls in while you are on the trails, please exit the trails as soon as possible, to prevent any dangerous situations for the trail user, and any damage to the trails.

Also note that in two weeks we will be hosting the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest and the DINO Series Mountain Bike Race. The off-road trails will begin to get marked on Friday, May 20 and will be closed to all users, except for those that have registered for the DINO Series races on Saturday until 4pm. The trails will then be open to the public.

If you would like to try your hand at mountain bike racing, there has never been a better time…This year, DINO has made mountain bike racing more accessible to the first-timer and occasional racer. There is NO racing license or one day permit required. Racers who don’t have a USA Cycling license will save $5 at every DINO race compared to prior years. Registration and check in are also going to be simpler for everyone. If you’ve never raced, or only race on occasion, now is the time to jump into a DINO Mountain Bike Series race. First-time racers can race free, in DINO’s “Intro” division – designed specifically for rookie racers!

Either way, we hope to see all of you out and about enjoying one of the funnest and most beneficial, family-friendly events in our community – Fat & Skinny Tire Fest 13 – May 20-22, 2016.

Trail Clean-up and Work Day this Saturday

Saturday, April 16, 10am

With the spring weather finally arriving, let’s get outside to breathe some fresh air, scout upcoming repair projects, and clean up the trails in preparation for more spring use and of course, Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in 1 month.

We will hit the trails to open drainage, fix some ruts, clear out limbs and down trees, and clean up trash.

No experience necessary – just a volunteering heart, and a desire to keep our trails in great shape for our community and visitors. Please bring gloves, rakes, shovels and buckets. We could also use some chainsaws as well. We will split into groups and walk the entire trail fixing ruts, low corners and drainage, as well as picking up trash. Then, we’ll get out to some spots where down trees and limbs are preventing vegetation to grow. If we have time, we’ll also scout out spots to plant trees and bushes along the new greenway to prevent erosion and shortcuts.

Meet at the brown maintenance barn, along the greenway, near the end of Boy’s City Drive at 10:00am. Spread the word!


Due to extremely wet conditions, and continuing rain and/or rain/sleet/snow mix we are closing the trails for the next few days until we dry out. Please be patient, and help us keep the trails in good shape as we get ready for the busier spring season.

If mother nature cooperates, we will be hosting another public trail work day on Saturday, April 16 at 9am. Stay tuned for more details.