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PLEASE NOTE: The Winona Lake Off road Trails will be hosting the annual Hash Ride & Run TODAY – Saturday, September 24, 2016. The trails will still remain open to the public, but we request that you not tear any tape down that has been set up for the course on the front half of the trails. The trails will be taped off, starting at 2pm, with riders and runners using the trails from 5-6pm.

Join us at the Cerulean Garden at 4:30pm (registration and opening comments) with the ride starting at 5pm. Runners and riders will have one hour to complete as many laps of the approximately 5k course as they’d like, returning to the Garden after each lap to receive a complementary beer. Both off-road and on-road loops available.

The evening concludes with great food and live music by DJ Chuck Fry, with Dos Hermanos at 7pm, Space Ships at 8pm, and James and the Drifters at 9pm.

All proceeds benefit the Winona Lake Trails and the community’s Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake initiatives.



Due to the steady rain yesterday, last night, through this morning, and still taking place, the trails are officially CLOSED for today, Saturday, September 17. The Crossfit Haymaker event will still take place, however not on the off-road trails, but only on the Greenway. As always, please spread the word, and thanks for your patience.

Our hope is that conditions will improve and dryer weather will roll in later this afternoon. With that said, the goal is still to host the final KCV Mountain Bike Time Trial on Sunday, September 18 at 1pm and also the Giant Bicycles Demo Day on Tuesday, September 20, 2-7pm.

Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your patience and respect for the trails.


Thanks to limited traffic, some sunshine, and a nice breeze on Thursday, the trails dried out well, and thus we’re opening them up. So get out and enjoy them. IMG_6730

The greenery is really coming in, so remember that hikers/walkers/runners travel in opposite direction of mountain bikers (whom follow the green and black arrows). Always use proper trail etiquette, be courteous and announce yourself, so the other trail users know you are there – especially in blind corners.

Please note that with the ever changing spring weather and conditions, remember that the off-road trails are closed no matter what the website posts and signs say when it is raining. If a storm rolls in while you are on the trails, please exit the trails as soon as possible, to prevent any dangerous situations for the trail user, and any damage to the trails.

Also note that in two weeks we will be hosting the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest and the DINO Series Mountain Bike Race. The off-road trails will begin to get marked on Friday, May 20 and will be closed to all users, except for those that have registered for the DINO Series races on Saturday until 4pm. The trails will then be open to the public.

If you would like to try your hand at mountain bike racing, there has never been a better time…This year, DINO has made mountain bike racing more accessible to the first-timer and occasional racer. There is NO racing license or one day permit required. Racers who don’t have a USA Cycling license will save $5 at every DINO race compared to prior years. Registration and check in are also going to be simpler for everyone. If you’ve never raced, or only race on occasion, now is the time to jump into a DINO Mountain Bike Series race. First-time racers can race free, in DINO’s “Intro” division – designed specifically for rookie racers!

Either way, we hope to see all of you out and about enjoying one of the funnest and most beneficial, family-friendly events in our community – Fat & Skinny Tire Fest 13 – May 20-22, 2016.

Trail Clean-up and Work Day this Saturday

Saturday, April 16, 10am

With the spring weather finally arriving, let’s get outside to breathe some fresh air, scout upcoming repair projects, and clean up the trails in preparation for more spring use and of course, Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in 1 month.

We will hit the trails to open drainage, fix some ruts, clear out limbs and down trees, and clean up trash.

No experience necessary – just a volunteering heart, and a desire to keep our trails in great shape for our community and visitors. Please bring gloves, rakes, shovels and buckets. We could also use some chainsaws as well. We will split into groups and walk the entire trail fixing ruts, low corners and drainage, as well as picking up trash. Then, we’ll get out to some spots where down trees and limbs are preventing vegetation to grow. If we have time, we’ll also scout out spots to plant trees and bushes along the new greenway to prevent erosion and shortcuts.

Meet at the brown maintenance barn, along the greenway, near the end of Boy’s City Drive at 10:00am. Spread the word!


Due to extremely wet conditions, and continuing rain and/or rain/sleet/snow mix we are closing the trails for the next few days until we dry out. Please be patient, and help us keep the trails in good shape as we get ready for the busier spring season.

If mother nature cooperates, we will be hosting another public trail work day on Saturday, April 16 at 9am. Stay tuned for more details.


The clear weather and sunshine today has allowed the trails to dry out enough to open them up. There are a few slick spots still out there, so please go through them, not around them – it’s worse to widen the trail. Also, please note that there may be more trees/limbs down out on the trail. Help us out by taking a photo and posting on Facebook or through the site where the trees/limbs are down so we can get out and clear them.

Also, know that the trails will probably be closed again tomorrow with cooler temperatures continuing and incoming rain. Keep in mind that if the trail entrances are not taped, that doesn’t mean they are open. Please always refer to the website and Facebook for the latest trail status.

Enjoy them, while you can. Thanks for your patience!


Due to some recent downpours and current rain continuing through Thursday, please refrain from using the off-road trails. We will post when they are dry enough to use again.

Remember that the trails should not be used during rain, regardless of what the status bar says (it may take us a little time to get it updated – we’re all volunteers here). If you’re out when it begins to rain, please exit the trails immediately to prevent causing damage.

Thanks for your patience! Spread the word.


Due to the steady rains, we are closing the trails for today to give them time to dry. We want to keep them protected. If the rain stays minimal today and temperatures remain above freezing tonight, we hope to be able to open again for Friday. Stay tuned, but for now, the Winona Lake Trails are closed for Thursday, March 10 and until further notice.

And on behalf of KCV Cycling Club and the trail volunteers that maintain them, thank you to so many of you that have respected the closings and helped spread the word. Our due diligence and patience has payed off. Some of the volunteer team went out yesterday to check overall trail conditions before the trail work day this weekend, and outside of a few spots that were rutted and disheveled from use when it was wet, the trails were in some of the best early season shape we have seen in many years. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you – much love to all of you!


TRAIL UPDATE: With colder temperatures and the ground frozen, the trails are OPEN to walkers, runners, and riders. With the rain, then snow, watch for slick spots. Stay warm and be careful out there.

PLEASE NOTE: With warmer temperatures forecast above freezing in a couple days, along with some rain, please remember to stay off the trails when the ground begins to thaw and the top layer of soil becomes wet. Especially during and right after any long periods of direct sunshine and above freezing temperatures or during and right after rain. This is when the ground is most susceptible to erosion causing damage. Remember to ride and run dirt trails, not mud trails.


Happy New Year friends! To get us started in 2016 on the right foot (or wheel), we want to open the trails for the weekend. With some great drainage and dry weather, the trails have dried out pretty well for winter usage. And the frozen conditions will allow us to open. Nevertheless, please proceed with caution until we have some things cleared…

The ice and rain storm from Monday caused some decent damage, as shown by the photos below. Thus, the front half of the trail is littered with small sticks and limbs, and the back half has a handful of trees down.

With that said, after you’ve slept in, taken your headache meds, and gotten a good breakfast/brunch/lunch, consider joining us for a New Year’s Trail Day so we can clean up the trails, make some repairs, and get them open for the first part of 2016.

If you’re available, meet at the brown KCV (Kosciusko County Velo) Cycling Club barn right off the Greenway, near the house, at 12:30pm. We have some hand trimmers, rakes, and shovels, but will need another chainsaw or two. We will have plenty of stick clean up as well, so anyone that wants to just walk the trails and clear the tons of sticks and small limbs off the trail will be a huge help as well.

Can’t make it to any trail days, or prefer to help in other ways? Would you consider a donation to the trails in 2016? We are completely responsible for the maintenance, funding, and protection of the trails. With your help, we can continue to keep the trails maintained to the highest trail building standards, increase user friendly signage, and keep the trails open for free.

Here’s to a wonderful 2016! Thanks to all of you that have helped in 2015 to care for our trails!


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Trails Closed to All Traffic | 12.27.15

Due to standing water and flooding, we are closing the trails to foot and pedal traffic the next few days. Our hope is that with some wind today, and dry days ahead, we’ll be able to re-evaluate soon. Cooler temperatures are on the way, thus we may hit the Freeze-Thaw Cycle this next week.

Remember to never walk/run/ride during or after a rain storm, and after we freeze, remember to hit the trails only when they are dry or the ground is frozen. Using the trails when it warms up above freezing and the ground begins to thaw puts stress on the the trails and erodes the top layer of soil, thus causing ruts, low spots and/or widening the trail.

Thanks for your patience! And as always, please help us spread the word.