Greenway Expansion

Greeway Expansion


Map of the Greenway expansion in Winona Lake. The new trail is in green.  (Photo Provided)

We are positive you have seen the recent construction going on close to our trails.  You probably figured out that the Lake City Greenway is getting expanded.  Where does it go?  The map provided shows you right where it is going.  As more information becomes available we will share it with you.

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We’re excited to see that work is beginning on the new Greenway extension that will extend from the current Heritage Trail in Winona Lake, travel around the outside of the Chicago Boys Club Camp off-road trails, cross Kings Highway into Grace College’s Miller Field and then connect to campus. This new extension has been funded by a federal grant that was awarded a few years ago. The majority of the Greenway extension should be complete by August 2015 and will provide additional space for healthy recreation and transportation within our community.
To our off-road friends, please keep your eyes open as the work is being done this year. We will be working with the construction crews to save as many trees as possible. This will also mean that some sections of trail may be closed for short periods of time to ensure the safety of trail users.