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Trails are Closed

The good news is we have not had to close down the mountain bike trails most of the summer.  The bad news is we are closing them due to yesterday’s rain and the high percentage chance of rain today. We’ll…
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TRAIL UPDATE: With colder temperatures and the ground frozen, the trails are OPEN to walkers, runners, and riders. With the rain, then snow, watch for slick spots. Stay warm and be careful out there. PLEASE NOTE: With warmer temperatures forecast above…
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Wind and Trees

It is very windy today and there will likely be trees down on the trail.  Winona Lake Police informed us that at least one large tree is down off the greenway near Roy st. and looks to be unstable. Please…
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Lost Bracelet

Friends, Please help out a fellow mountain biker.  She lost this bracelet right before camels hump.  If you find it, please contact us, and we’ll make sure you get some cool KCV gear, or something for helping out.