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Take Action Now! Save Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding

Let’s end the epidemic of preventable bicycling and pedestrian fatalities.
Tell our Representatives not to sacrifice the safety of bicyclists or pedestrians.
We learned last week, with the release of the League of American Bicyclists Fair Share for Safety from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) report, and Transportation for America’sDangerous by Design report, that the federal government and many state departments of transportation have made a dangerous choice by prioritizing speeding traffic over the safety of people.
From 2000 to 2009, 47,700 Americans were struck and killed while walking and another 688,000 were injured. Furthermore, since 2009, only half a dozen states actually dedicated Highway Safety Funds specifically to bicycle and pedestrian projects. This is clearly a national problem, as 67 percent of all pedestrian fatalities in the last ten years occurred on federal-aid roads eligible to receive federal funding for improvements.
Congress is currently contemplating the elimination of key bicycle and pedestrian funding programs in the next transportation bill such as, Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and the Recreational Trails program.
Contact our Representatives today and tell them that without dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects and the Complete Streets Act of 2011, H.R. 1780, to ensure that all funded road projects take into account the needs of all users, states will likely reduce spending for safety features like sidewalks, crosswalks and trails.
Take action on the League of American Bicyclists page by signing the Take Action alert letter.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We don’t know about you but we are tired of all this rain we are having.  Yes it is a 3 day weekend and we know you want to ride, so do we.  However the trails are in decent shape and we would like to keep them that way.

Stay tuned for more information we will try to get back out there in the next day or so to check it out.

Into the Woods We Go Trail Run

On Friday May 20th we will be marking the course for the 2nd Annual Into the Woods We Go Trail Run.  If you see tape up please do not tear it down it needs to be in place for Saturdays race.

The course will be run all backwards for the run.  If you would like to ride we would ask that you ride it backwards but be cautious of people gearing up and pre-running the course.

Saturday the Winona Lake Trails will be closed from 6am until the race is over sometime early afternoon.  For more information you can visit the KCV website here.

National Bike to Work Day a word from your KCV Cycling Club

Local Bike to Work Day Festivities and Specials…
We want to help make your Bike-to-Work Day an enjoyable ride both to and from work, so we’ve put together some enjoyable festivities to celebrate your accomplishment and get your day started right and help you enjoy the ride home that much more.
Thanks to our friends at 1000 Park BakafeCerulean Restaurant and Trailhouse, here’s how we’re celebrating with all our friends who ride to work on Bike-to-Work Day, this Friday, May 20, 2011.
Join us Friday morning at 1000 Park Bakafe at 7am for some complimentary coffee, danishes and cookies to fuel up for your ride to work.
Then on your way home, stop off in the Village at Winona and celebrate with us beginning at 4pm over at Cerulean Restaurant’s Garden. Our friends at Cerulean and Mad Anthony’s will offer a complimentary pint of Mad Anthony’s Harry Baals Stout and a $1 discount on all other beers when you show up on your bike.
And throughout the day, be sure to pop your head in at Trailhouse for some sweet discounts when you stock up on items to help your commute that much more enjoyable and reliable.
Just our way of saying “Thank You” for riding your bike to work and helping make our community and planet that much better. And your wallet will thank you as well!
Happy Bike Month.

Tree Down at Mile Marker 6

We have a large tree down on the trails around mile marker 6.  Please do not make a new path around the tree as we do not want to widen the trails.

A group from the Trail Committee will be out this evening to get it cleaned up.

Fat and Skinny Tire Fest 8

This weekend is the 8th annual Fat and Skinny Tire Fest.  The trails will be closed on Saturday May, 14th for registered racers through DINO. All kinds of race categories so if you want to race come on out.  registration can be found here.

A full list of activities can be found on the Bike Fest website here.  If you have any questions contract Trailhouse @ 574-267-2223.

Trail Report

We have received over 3 inches of rain in the last couple of weeks but today I was really amazed at how good the trails are.

With that being said here are a few locations to watch out for that are really wet.

1. Wagoner Trail is soupy along the creek side in three sections. Please ride with caution and DON’T WIDEN THE TRAIL.

2. There is one spot at the back of Patience that is really wet. Stay within the yellow tape and DON’T WIDEN THE TRAIL.

3. After you come down the hill from Dead Mans Curve there is a large puddle from the flooding again please DON’T WIDEN THE TRAIL.

5. Heading into Blue the little bridge before the climb is pretty soft DON’T WIDEN THE TRAIL.

6. Once you get into Rock Garden there is another puddle please DON’T WIDEN THE TRAIL.

Thank you for helping us keep the trail as natural as possible remember to always wear your helmet.

Winona Lake Trails Committiee

Trail Report 4-29-11

We have had alot of rain in the last week.  Please be very cautious of where you go along the trails especially around the Cherry Creek area.  We have had reports of flooding in those areas.  If you are leaving ruts please leave that area.

Remember to NOT WIDEN the trail


Current Trail Conditions

Winona Lake Trails are OPEN today. Please wear a helmet, tread lightly and avoid making shortcuts or widening the trail. Stay tuned for future conditions. More rain expected this week. Any issues out on the trails please let us know. Thanks and Happy Easter.

Trail Maintenance 4-2-11

Hey folks, tomorrow 4-2-11 we are having our first trail maintenance of 2011.  We have several projects we want to work on and the more people the better.  If you are planning on riding Saturday stop by and help us out for an hour or so. More information here.

When: 10:00am
Where: Trail Head

We will start off with an assessment of how many people we have and go from there.  Volunteers for each group will be needed.

Bridge after Rock Garden
Gravel after Skyway
Trail Clean Up

What can you bring?
Cordless Drills
Wheel barrow or wagons
Working gloves

Can’t make it at 10am, thats ok come anyway we’ll hook you up with a project.

KCV Trail Committee

Trail Conditions

The trails are in surprisingly good shape for as early as it is.  There are some areas that are slick still but not too bad.

REMEMBER we don’t want to widen the trail any more than what it is in spots.  thanks for help us keep the trail maintained.