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Winona Lake Trail Maintenance Needed – This week and Saturday, August 14th, 10am.

As many of you know, the trails have taken a serious punch this year, so we’ll need as much help as possible to get them back into shape for our final summer and fall events like the Poverty Cycle Challenge, 12 Hours of Winona and the Poker Run. So, please join us throughout the week and weekend in giving the Winona Lake trails a much needed re-trim. Pitch in by getting some friends together and adopting a mile of trail to weedeat and trim low branches.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Cut back the weeds no more than 1 foot on either side of the trail. This allows room for passing without widening the trail more than it needs to be.
  • Do not cut out roots, remove rocks or open shortcuts. We want to protect from erosion and further trail changes if at all possible.
  • Clear low lying branches and sticks if possible.
  • Any trees that need to be removed or sections that look like they need more work, please pass that information back to the club, so we can schedule additional maintenance.

Let us know if you’re able to go out and take care of a specific mile. We’ll finish any mileage remaining this weekend. Once the trimming is done, we’ll then be able to assess the structural work that needs to be taken care of.

We appreciate your service and efforts in helping us keep the Winona Lake Trails one of the best trail systems in the midwest!

Winona Lake MTB Trails Update

The Old Chicago Boys Club / Winona Lake MTB Trails are open, but tread lightly. There still are some muddy spots and severe erosion is wreaking havoc on our trails. Pick the driest lines in corners, and also, please respect the obstacles and sections we have – DO NOT MAKE SHORTCUTS AND DO NOT WIDEN THE TRAIL. Please avoid DUKATTIE DROP and PATIENCE. These sections are still closed and marked off with signs and tape. Please respect the closure of these sections. As a heads up, depending on the weather situation over the next couple weeks, we will hold Trail Maintenance and Clean-Up days on August 13, 14, 15 and August 20, 21. Stay tuned for more details. Thanks for helping take care of our local trails!

Winona Lake MTB Night Ride – Saturday, August 7, 9pm

Meet up with your friends on Saturday, August 7 at 9m at the Winona Lake Trailhead for a Group night ride. Spread the word and get out on the trails for a fun, casual-paced night ride. On a side note, the 12 Hours of Winona are only 2 months away. Take this opportunity for some night riding practice to get ready for the race on October 16.

Trail Condition Update

Skyway and Wagner sections are open for riding but tred lightly.  We have some repairs to make to these sections so choose the best line and please don’t make the trail and wider than it already is.

Patience is still closed and clearly marked off with yellow tape and a sign.  If you see that the tape has been torn down please help us and put it back up.
If you are not sure where these sections are please refer to the trail map located here.

Trails Open … Some Sections are closed

The trails are open for riding.  We still have some slick areas, some areas that are getting wider, and some areas that are closed off completely.


  • Wagner Section
  • Patience Section
  • Skyway Section
The entrances to these sections are clearly taped off and have signs.  DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM!  if you see that the tape has been broken please stop and take a moment to put the tape back up.  The more we all give these sections a rest the faster we can all enjoy them.
  • In the sloppy sections find the best and driest line without making the trail wider.
  • Get off your bike and walk around if you need too.  
  • It is not cool to have mud all over you and your bike.
If you have any questions check back here, contact me barkeyc @ gmail . com (take out the spaces) or contact Trailhouse.