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Local Mountain Biker, Bike Stolen.

PLEASE NOTE – HELP NEEDED: Calling all local sleuth’s and friends… help us keep an eye out for our buddy Nate Shipley’s Trek Bicycle Marlin 5 29’er mountain bike, which was stolen off his back porch on East Market Street. Here’s a photo of the bike, and it has egg beater clipless pedals on it. Please contact the police and let Nate know if you have any insight. Let’s help him get his bike back!

Trails Are Open – For Now

As dry as we have been the rain did the trails some good. There may be some greasy spots but overall the trail is good for use. However, there is rain in the forecast the next few days and we may need to close them down again. Keep an eye out on the website and our Facebook page for the latest details.

Trails are Closed

The good news is we have not had to close down the mountain bike trails most of the summer.  The bad news is we are closing them due to yesterday’s rain and the high percentage chance of rain today.

We’ll keep an eye on the conditions and let you know when they are good to ride again.  Remember ride dirt trails not mud trails.



Crossfit Haymaker will be hosting “Trial in the Trails” – Saturday, August 13

Please note that our friends at Crossfit Haymaker will be hosting “Trial in the Trails” on Saturday, August 13. Weather permitting, portions of the trails will be used in the morning from 10:30am – 11:30am. Sections near Robbie’s Ridge, the big bridge, and Black and Blue will be taped off for event purposes. The trails will remain open, however, please be careful when coming upon these taped sections, respecting volunteers and competitors. And be sure not to knock any tape down. Thanks for your courtesy!


With the humidity staying high, and another burst of rain on Thursday night, please remember that regardless of what the website and Facebook pages say, use common sense before heading for the trails. If it is wet, and you would be leaving ruts, or tearing up the top soil, refrain from walking, running, or riding on the trails. This certainly goes for during or even after a heavy storm – give the trails time to drain and dry.

When it comes to posting on the sites, we are all volunteers with other full-time jobs, so we may not be able to get out to the trails to do a thorough observation of conditions and then post/update as quickly as we’d like or you’d like. So, thanks for your understanding and patience.

Trails Open

We are opening the trails.  They have dried out nicely and are ridable this afternoon.  Look out for any fallen trees, we did have some pretty nice wind gusts yesterday afternoon.


Fat and Skinny Tire Fest 13 This Weekend!

This weekend Warsaw and Winona Lake will be hosting the 13th annual Fat and Skinny Tire Fest.

First, the Winona Lake Trails will be closed for the DINO Series mountain bike race on Saturday May, 21st until 4pm.  This exciting event brings in the state’s best competition to our home trails.  If you feel like you are up to the challenge there are all kinds of levels for you to participate in. Registration can be found here.  If you want to pre-ride the course on Friday please do not tear down any tape or markers.  The front side will run its normal direction and the back side will run backwards.

We are bringing back the popular Mountain Bike 4X race at Hire Park this year.  Compete against your “frenemies” on the fun BMX track.  Details can be found here.

For more information please visit our websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and don’t forget to use the hashtag #FSTF13

If you missed the action from 2015 check out our video.  Mason Geiger will unveil this years video at our kick-off party May 20th in downtown Warsaw.

Trails Closed

Due to the wet conditions the trails will be closed until further notice. In preparation for next weekend’s Fat & Skinny Tire Fest we may keep them closed longer to fully dry out and get some work done. Thanks for your patience and help in spreading the word!