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Trails are Closed

Well, we hate to do it but we must.  We have to close the trails down due to all of the rain we got today.  We know many of you were planning an early calorie burn on the trails before you enjoy giving thanks with family and friends tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Woo Hoo! We’re officially opening the trails, however, please note that due to the storms, there is some brush and trees down, and there may be some slick spots still lingering until the sun finally comes out. Use caution, and watch for other users. Thanks for your patience and respect of the trails.

Enjoy the weather this week, and get outside!


Due to recent rain and continued rain in the forecast, we’ve CLOSED the trails to help protect them. We will continue to monitor conditions and hope to open them again this weekend – weather permitting.

Thanks for your patience, and as always, please spread the word.


PLEASE NOTE: The Winona Lake Off road Trails will be hosting the annual Hash Ride & Run TODAY – Saturday, September 24, 2016. The trails will still remain open to the public, but we request that you not tear any tape down that has been set up for the course on the front half of the trails. The trails will be taped off, starting at 2pm, with riders and runners using the trails from 5-6pm.

Join us at the Cerulean Garden at 4:30pm (registration and opening comments) with the ride starting at 5pm. Runners and riders will have one hour to complete as many laps of the approximately 5k course as they’d like, returning to the Garden after each lap to receive a complementary beer. Both off-road and on-road loops available.

The evening concludes with great food and live music by DJ Chuck Fry, with Dos Hermanos at 7pm, Space Ships at 8pm, and James and the Drifters at 9pm.

All proceeds benefit the Winona Lake Trails and the community’s Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake initiatives.


Beautiful Sunday – Trails Are Open

Trails are open today so get out there and enjoy some single track goodness.  However, the trails will be closed for the 4th and final KCV Mountain Bike Time Trial.  This race against yourself is free to ride.  Come on out and see how your summer training stacks up against the best in the county.

The time trail starts at 1pm and goes through 3pm.


Due to the steady rain yesterday, last night, through this morning, and still taking place, the trails are officially CLOSED for today, Saturday, September 17. The Crossfit Haymaker event will still take place, however not on the off-road trails, but only on the Greenway. As always, please spread the word, and thanks for your patience.

Our hope is that conditions will improve and dryer weather will roll in later this afternoon. With that said, the goal is still to host the final KCV Mountain Bike Time Trial on Sunday, September 18 at 1pm and also the Giant Bicycles Demo Day on Tuesday, September 20, 2-7pm.

Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your patience and respect for the trails.

Crossfit Haymaker will be hosting “Trial in the Trails” – Saturday, September 17

crossfitthingPlease note that our friends at Crossfit Haymaker will be hosting “Trial in the Trails” on Saturday, September 17. Weather permitting, portions of the trails will be used in the morning from noon – 1:30pm. Sections near Robbie’s Ridge, the big bridge, and Black and Blue will be taped off for event purposes. The trails will remain open, however, please be careful when coming upon these taped sections, respecting volunteers and competitors. And be sure not to knock any tape down. Thanks for your courtesy!

Local Mountain Biker, Bike Stolen.

PLEASE NOTE – HELP NEEDED: Calling all local sleuth’s and friends… help us keep an eye out for our buddy Nate Shipley’s Trek Bicycle Marlin 5 29’er mountain bike, which was stolen off his back porch on East Market Street. Here’s a photo of the bike, and it has egg beater clipless pedals on it. Please contact the police and let Nate know if you have any insight. Let’s help him get his bike back!

Trails Are Open – For Now

As dry as we have been the rain did the trails some good. There may be some greasy spots but overall the trail is good for use. However, there is rain in the forecast the next few days and we may need to close them down again. Keep an eye out on the website and our Facebook page for the latest details.