Maintain A Mile Crews

maintainamileThe Winona Lake Trail System (WLTS) is located on private property. It is a privilege to have and maintain this natural park for our community’s outdoor enjoyment and education. Basic trail maintenance is the most important part of trail work. The art of basic trail maintenance is conservation, both for the stability of the trail and the intangible “experience” of the wilderness of the woods. When you adopt a section of the WLTS to maintain, there are a few basic guidelines that we would like you to follow. We are all volunteers, so these guidelines are meant for the consistent benefit of our trails and the enjoyment of your labor. We ask you to respect and follow them, but not everything is set in stone as hard and fast rules. Usually the deciding factor is common sense. Ask yourself – “Is what I’m doing helping or hurting the trail in the long run?” When in doubt, contact the Trail Committee contacts. Ultimately, we want you to help us keep the trail open and safe for all users, but we also want you to have a good time doing it and realize that you are an important part of the process! Keeping the trails maintained is one of the most important things that we do as an organization, and your efforts are greatly appreciated! Contact us if you’re interested in signing up for a Maintain-A-Mile team.

Check out the guidelines document here.